Saturday Night, Round Ten - You Am I

Highlights:Jaimmes Got A Girl
Round Ten
Cathy's Clown
How Much Is Enough

Rating: 8.5/10

I have to admit I was a little dubious about this release at first. It sounded a lot like a record company compromise to releasing a greatest hits album. Also, You Am I's last three albums have been released with bonus discs of live material. So is there any real need for the release of Saturday Night, Round Ten? Well, with Tim Roger's opening quote of 'I'm going to have myself some unreal fucking good times' the answer is a resounding yes.

With an impressive back catalogue from which to choose, You Am I could have easily released a double album. As it is, this set contains songs from every album as well as including the brilliant new single 'Round Ten and crowd favourites Berlin Chair, Rumble and Purple Sneakers. There is also still room for more obscure songs like Gasoline For Two, an extended version of Trike (which verges into Willie Dixon's I Just Want To Make Love To You) and an appropriately loud cover of the MC5's version of Ramblin' Rose. New guitarist David Lane really is a revelation, helping to not only fill out the bands sound but also bringing another edge to songs like Jaimmes Got A Girl, Minor Byrd and Cathys Clown.

A lot of people will probably complain that all of Tim's on stage banter has been edited out. However, I feel this is one of the albums strength as it would soon become boring and distracting after a couple of listens. Here we are free to concentrate on the songs. It is also worth noting that Paul McKercher's production is excellent, with the guitars mixed loud the way they should be.

Whilst Saturday Night Round Ten is not perfect (it is a live album after all), all the honesty, passion and rock 'n' roll fever are present that have made You Am I one of the best live rock bands in the world today. Why be contemporary when you can be this timeless?

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